I left my heart in Prague

Where do I begin – Prague was AMAZING! What a beautiful city – the red rooftops, the Castle nestled in the hills, the Charles Bridge and the riverside restaurants, the cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, yummy food, good ol’ Czech beer and even some good Czech wine….sighhhhh. Ben and I had a pretty fantastic time exploring – and we sure did get around in just 4 sweet days. We saw the Stare Mestro, Nove Mestro, Mala Strana, Vinohrady, and it seemed like everything else in between. I think one of the favorites for us both was sitting in the Wallenstein Gardens below the Castle, soaking up the sunshine and watching a Peacock (or 2) stroll around the grounds. We also had a pretty darn incredible meal at Kampa Park Restaurant, right on the river, with views of the Charles bridge behind us. I think it was the best octopus and scallops I’ve ever tasted, all washed down with a crisp and refreshing Gewürztraminer. Aside from the funny moment when my steak and dumplings was brought out with a big mountain of whipped cream on top (what the heck?!) the food was all really tasty. Of course we indulged in plenty of ice creams, desserts, and breads of all kinds too. I could go on, but lastly I’d just like to mention, yet again, how much I love and adore Art Nouveau, and was pleasantly surprised to find that Prague is filled with it thanks to Alphonse Mucha.

Leaving the sunshine and magic and coming back to dull rainy London hasn’t been quite so thrilling – but having Ben here to bring me some sunshine everyday sure does help!

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Home Sweet Home

Our flat is finally starting to look and feel like a home, so I thought I would share some pictures…it is still a work in progress, but I love it here (especially the huge deck!).  So who wants to come visit? 🙂

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‘Brightonia: lucsious-sea-birkenstock-wearing heaven
The British San Francisco’

Becky and I somehow were able to strategically plan three days off of work in a row together, and with our shared loved of the beach and having adventures in new places, we decided to head down to Brighton for the day. We had a fab itinerary, compliments of Becky’s lovely friend Charlotte, so we spent the day exploring and indulging. We wandered around the lanes which were full of shops, bookstores, vintage finds, tacky tourist stuff, frozen yogurt, and loads of great little restaurants and coffee shops…and even had a spur of the moment tarot card reading (why not!). It was a beautiful sunny warm day, which even made the tacky pier look quite decadently retro. All in all it was a blissfully fun, relaxing, happy day, and made me feel slightly less far from home for a few hours. Here are some snaps from the day…


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Snow, Cookies & Enchiladas

Well, its happened – the ‘warm’ winter weather has gone and London is now covered in snow. It all happened within what felt like 5 minutes I swear – last night we left our flat to head to Upper Street for shopping and dinner and it was cloudy skies and cold temperatures. Not more than 2 hours into our little adventure, we looked outside from our cozy restaurant (Le Mercury – awesome, cheap, good food) and it was snowing! I’m not talking light snowflakes falling, I’m talking full on snow coming down and covering the ground in blankets! When we woke up this morning it was even snowier – at least 4 inches of it. So its time for some snow boots, warmer clothes, and lots of tea all day until it warms up again! I must say, after spending a week miserably sick, a prisoner in my own flat, it is kind of refreshing and exciting to see London covered in gorgeous white glistening snow. This week will definitely be an adventure…

In other news, Becky and I found an fairly tasty and incredibly cute Mexican restaurant in Shoreditch last weekend – Boho Mexica. After having our nails done, we headed there for Margaritas and hopeful thoughts of somewhat authentic enchiladas – and we were more than pleasantly surprised with the result.

Being inspired by yet another great London foodie experience, I decided to do a little baking ( I know, weird for me) and made Ina Garten’s heart shaped shortbread cookies to keep me busy. A small accomplishment for the week, but felt pretty good to accomplish anything last week.

Here are some pictures of the past couple weeks…this weekend, Becky and I are trying a new restaurant (an Ali Hawks fave) called Yauatcha (Modern Cantonese/Dim Sum) in Soho – more pictures to follow!


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Foodie Paradise

One thing that surprised me about London is the amount of delicious food you can find here and the diversity of cuisines available. I have been exploring different parts of London based around what food looks good and what restaurants I want to try (I obviously have my priorities right!) Here are a few pictures of some of my more recent favorites…and more to come shortly!

Ben and I also recently discovered our new favorite local pub, the Old Dairy, in Finsbury Park – such good food and great atmosphere. Ali and I also had some delicious food at Season in Finsbury Park – this new neighborhood is shaping up to be a mini foodie heaven!

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San Sebastian

Awwww sweet, sunny, and oh so yummy San Sebastian, you have stolen a piece of my heart! Blue skies, soft sandy beaches, sunbathers lapping up the sun in all the glory of their toplessness, pintxos, ice cold cerveza, endless amounts of gorgeous Jamon and

toasty bread, quaint streets lined with tapas bars, and the oh-so-familiar sound of Spanish…does it get any better? Days spent perfecting the balance between swimming in the salty ocean and sleeping on the sandy beach, and nights of exploring the glorious food and observing the gorgeous people…I absolutely adore San Sebastian! Combine all of this with the most wonderful, adorable, lovely man I could imagine = pure bliss.

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I’m dreaming of…

A sunny Christmas in California! I know its been far far far too long since I’ve written on here, and thanks to my lovely little sister my new goal is to make one small post each week. So for this week, I have the exciting news to share that I am coming home for two weeks at Christmas!!! Aside from the obvious excitement of seeing family, friends, and two little doggies I’ve missed so much I also can’t wait for mexican food, Target, Forever 21, Marshalls, the beach, cheap manicures, and Trader Joes!

I’ve been doing so much exciting traveling, the latest adventures being to Jerusalem and Turkey, and this weekend I continue on to San Sebastian Spain…with the most amazing man in the world to top it all off! A long weekend of sunshine, beaches, tapas, and sangria couldn’t be more welcomed in my world right now.

Also…I’ll be staying in London a bit longer, taking on a great new role at work, so the adventures will be continuing. I have so much exploring yet to do – eating, drinking, traveling, theatre, markets, tea shops, cooking, crafting – and of course, falling in love with this city even more than I already have.

And last but not least for this weeks post…a few pictures from my Sister, Natalie, and Caitlin’s fantastic visit here in London…

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